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We think differently about how to perform outstandingly in sport.

We are not traditional in our approach and we will challenge the way you think about yourself in either or both of these environments.

Our courses are practical, relevant, engaging and give you methods and approaches that you can actually use to get the results you want.

So you're either a constant learner type of person or one who feels they have it all worked out. Our courses are for both.

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Lessons in Mental Toughness Tools for Sports Athletes:

  1. 1 Welcome to Mental Toughness tools for Sports Athletes

    Objective: To introduce you to the course and say hello

  2. 2 Who am I?

    Objective: To let you know more about Steve Dent

  3. 3 Why you really need this course?

    Objective: To make you aware of why mental toughness is important to you

  4. 4 Course format and learning outcomes

    Objective: To give you more information on what the course covers and how it is structured

  5. 5 Course Workbook to download

    Objective: To make the course workbook available to you.

  6. 6 What is mental toughness?

    Objective: To introduce you to the concept of mental toughness

  7. 7 10 Facts about Mental Toughness in Sport

    Objective: To make you aware of how mental toughness benefits sports athletes

  8. 8 The 4C's of mental toughness

    Objective: To introduce you to the model of mental toughness that the course is based upon

  9. 9 Mental Toughness & Control

    Objective: To explore high control and what you need to do to demonstrate it

  10. 10 Mental Toughness & Commitment

    Objective: To explore high commitment and what you need to do to demonstrate it

  11. 11 Mental Toughness & Challenge

    Objective: To explore high challenge and what you need to do to demonstrate it

  12. 12 Mental Toughness & Confidence

    Objective: To explore high confidence and what you need to do to demonstrate it

  13. 13 There's no such thing as pressure

    Objective: To explore where 'pressure' comes from

  14. 14 How we create our experiences in life and sport

    Objective: To identify why we experience things in sport that are different to others

  15. 15 Pay attention to your thoughts - TARGET Strategy

    Objective: To introduce the TARGET strategy

  16. 16 Task - Pay attention to your thoughts

    Objective: To practice the TARGET strategy and to reflect on the results

  17. 17 Where do you perform?

    Objective: To highlight the importance of getting present in sport

  18. 18 Step into your 'Batman'

    Objective: To introduce you to the concept of an 'Alter Ego' for sport

  19. 19 Your Ideal Competitive Mindset

    Objective: To identify the mindset of your 'Alter Ego'

  20. 20 Switching on your Ideal Competitive Mindset

    Objective: To explore ways to switch on the mindset of your 'Alter Ego'

  21. 21 Mental Imagery - what is it?

    Objective: To explore the concept of mental imagery for sport

  22. 22 The process of Mental Imagery

    Objective: To help you recognise how to do mental imagery to get the best out of the practice

  23. 23 Mental Imagery Practice - the lemon

    Objective: To practice mental imagery

  24. 24 Mental Imagery Practice - the powerful magnet

    Objective: To practice mental imagery

  25. 25 Mental Imagery Practice - the arm extension

    Objective: To practice mental imagery

  26. 26 Mental Imagery Practice - the iron bar

    Objective: To practice mental imagery

  27. 27 Mental Imagery Practice - the Rollercoaster

    Objective: To practice mental imagery in two different ways

  28. 28 Practicing mental imagery - next level stuff

    Objective: To take mental imagery to the next level

  29. 29 Mindful Breathing

    Objective: To identify how using your breath can help you in your sport

  30. 30 Anchoring Useful Emotional States

    Objective: To explore how to anchor emotional states

  31. 31 How our language impacts our performance?

    Objective: To recognise how our language impacts your performance in sport

  32. 32 Sport and our senses

    Objective: To identify your preferred representational system

  33. 33 The Power of our Words in Sport

    Objective: To recognise the language you use that can help or hinder your performance

  34. 34 How we filter success

    Objective: To recognise and explore the filters you use that can help or hinder your performance

  35. 35 Reframing your experience for improved results

    Objective: To provide you with help to reframe how you experience situations in your sport

  36. 36 Use your language to enhance your performance

    Objective: To help you use different language and filters to experience situations in a more helpful way

  37. 37 Strategies to enhance your performance

  38. 38 The Principles of Success

    Objective: To identify the core principles of success in for approaching your sport

  39. 39 Overcoming Setbacks

    Objective: To explore how to get past setbacks and thrive

  40. 40 Confidence in Abilities - Changing your narrative

    Objective: To help you change the stories that you tell yourself that hinder your performance

  41. 41 Identifying your sources of stress

    Objective: To recognise what creates unhelpful emotions in sport

  42. 42 Controlling your environment

    Objective: To explore what you can and can't control in your sport

  43. 43 TARGET strategy

    Objective: To introduce the TARGET strategy for sport

  44. 44 Breathing techniques for Sport

    Objective: To explore useful breathing techniques than can help you control nerves and anxiety

  45. 45 Results v Excuses

    Objective: To identify the excuses you are using for not getting the results you want

  46. 46 Setting powerful intentions - PACER

    Objective: To identify how to set clear and meaningful outcomes in your sport

  47. 47 Sticky Habits

    Objective: To build good habits by sticking them to your current habits

  48. 48 Thank you

  49. 49 Keep in touch

    Objective: To ask you to join our private Facebook group

  50. 50 I'd love you to leave a course review

    Objective: To ask you leave a review of the course

About Steve Dent

Born Bristol. Husband. Dad. Grandad to 3 awesome little ones. People Developer. Leadership Developer. Training Designer. Coach. Trainer, Workshop Facilitator. Management Development. NLP Master Practitioner. Mental Toughness specialist. ECB Level 3 Cricket Coach. CIPD qualified, MBTI accredited, Insights accredited. Golfer. Love keeping fit. Constant learner. Never stops improving. Charity fundraising cyclist – Bristol to Bordeaux in 2019. Son is Glos CCC captain. Coached professional athletes. Led teams. Won awards. Motto: Help Many – Hurt Few – Live Life – Win Some – Lose None. I help people become better versions of themselves.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“As a professional sportsman, I am always looking for ways to improve my performance. When I was younger I used to think the only way to improve was to hit more balls and get stronger and fitter. Working on those things did help me to a point but the thing that really changed everything for me was when I decided to start working on the mental side of the game. The improvement I saw when I started using and practising the techniques that are found in this course was so much more than just hitting balls and lifting weights. I have no doubt that the content and techniques in this course can be used by all the top players in all sports. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to find a way to get to the next level. Whether you are a young up and coming player looking to get a professional contract, you are already a professional player looking to get to the next level or even if you are a recreational player that just wanted to get better at your sport. This course and the activities and information in it will help you achieve that!
Steve has a great understanding of sport and the pressures and challenges that a sportsperson faces and this make the content and the way it is delivered and presented excellently. All the content is easy to follow and can be implemented straight away, meaning that from the minute you start the course you can begin improving your performance immediately.” ― Chris Dent - Gloucestershire CCC Captain and opening batsman
““Steve has been brilliant in helping me overcome frustrating periods as a cricketer and go on to perform really well under pressure. His knowledge and passion around high performance coaching and NLP is up there with the very best and it certainly feels like I have an edge over all my competitors.

Through working together both face to face and online I’ve seen significant improvements in my ability to develop skills quickly, stay calm under pressure and ultimately enjoy playing the game I love. Steve has become a great mentor for me and I can always rely on him to go above and beyond to help me in any way he can!”” ― Bhavi Devchand - Western Fury & Perth Scorchers cricketer
““Steve was absolutely fantastic to work with on my Mental Toughness, it was not something I had ever come across before but the premise of actually working on my mental toughness was an absolute no brainer. It gives you at first the ability to know what you do well and what you do not so well and then Steve gives you the skills to deal with these issues. It has changed the way I practice and changed the way I play my cricket completely. Having a chance to actually test out some of the methods whilst I was away in the winter and seeing the reward of coping under pressure was such a great feeling. Along with technical training, I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to work with Steve to become a better performer in sport.”” ― Ryan Higgins - Gloucestershire CCC & Welsh Fire
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